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Archbishop Timothy Paul

Archbishop Timothy Paul is the Patriarch of the Holy Communion of Churches (HCOC), an Orthodox community. Under the leadership of Archbishop Timothy, the Communion has grown to over 1000 parishes with over 250 parishes in foreign countries. In addition to his service as Patriarch of the HCOC, he currently serves in his third consecutive term as President of the World Bishops’ Council, the largest body of ecumenical Bishops representing over 40 million Christians worldwide.

Archbishop Timothy is Sr. Pastor at the International Basilica in Springfield, MA and President of Epiphany Development Corporation (EDC), which endeavors to create jobs and economic opportunities for under privileged communities. EDC is currently building a multi-million boutique hotel in downtown Springfield, MA.

Among the number of positions held, Archbishop Timothy serves as President of Springfield Christian College and Theological Seminary, President of the Council of Churches of Greater Springfield, President of New England Partners in Faith and occupies seats on several boards.

Archbishop Timothy's notable accomplishments include his participation at the United Nations' 60th DPI/NGO Conference where he urged Christians to "become greater stewards of the earth" by conserving energy, by reducing greenhouse gases and deforestation, and by creating public and private partnerships which will lead to renewable energy sources.

With a background in the Church of God in Christ, in August 1999, Archbishop Timothy made history as the first Pentecostal Bishop entering an autocephalous movement and consecrated into the Orthodox faith by Carl Jimenez, Peter Brennan, James Lagona, and Joseph Grenier. . In September 2007, the Holy Communion of Churches and the Holy Synod of Bishops voted and elected Archbishop as Patriarch of the HCOC . Under the leadership of the Patriarch, the Holy Communion of Churches is an Orthodox community devoted to offering a place where the three major streams of Christianity (Catholic, Evangelical and Pentecostal) can worship together.

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